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Hey there,

I am so happy you landed here, welcome!

I am so excited to guide you through to your very first visit with me.

My goal is to make your first time booking process as
simplistic for you as possible.

As I know narrowing down exactly what you need can be a struggle at times, below I have curated a few service packages designed just for you.   

New Guest Packages & Pricing 

Packages + Pricing

The Intro - $108+

Refresh my current hair color - $185+

I need a change - $273+ 

This service is for you if you are looking to re-shape or change your current haircut and add softness and shine to your hair again. This service is perfect is for you if your hair lacks movement, luster and shine.


This service includes a thorough consultation to discuss your hair goals, a haircut,  luxury split end treatment, and finished with a blow-dry style // 1.5 hours

This service is for you if you are enjoying where your current hair color stands and you just need a pick me up with minor adjustments made.


This service includes a custom color placement with your specific hair goals in mind, all treatments necessary, finished with a blow-dry style // 2 hours

This service is for you if you are unpleased with the current state of your hair and you want to bring life back into your hair color and haircut. Or you simply want to make changes to your current hair color and haircut to enhance it.


This service includes customized color placement based off of your unique hair goals, a haircut, all treatments necessary, finished with a blow-dry style. // 3 hours

I am ready to move forward & book my visit!

Please keep in mind that all pricing is a base price and may be subject to change if any adjustments or additions need to be made at the time of your appointment.

Have a question?
Feel free to email me any questions you may have about a service or appointment  
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