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There are many reasons you may be considering hair extensions.

Wether you're desiring the length your hair just won't grow to, wanting your hair to feel fuller, or trying to fill out those trouble areas of hair growth,

adding extensions is an immediate solution to your hair troubles and a huge confidence booster.

Being able to offer you one of the best methods in the hair extension world that

I can truly stand behind is such a big deal to me as your hairstylist.

With comfort, flexibility and reliability in mind, Invisible bead extension is top tier, and I cannot wait for you to feel the difference. 

Hair that makes you feel like you again...

What is the Invisible Bead Extension Difference?

Invisible Bead Extensions is a method used to apply hand-tied hair extensions.

The method IBE, ensures scalp health and comfort with a focus on flexibility and equal weight distribution.

The track created with this method emphasizes the hidden bead. 

Making these extensions invisible, durable and simple to maintain.

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The first step to your dream hair...

Extensions are not a one size fits all. As each individual is unique. With the consideration of your specific hair history, length, color, and density.

An in person consultation is required for a final estimate/price.

This time will give us both the opportunity to get to know one another, and discuss all of your hair goals. 

During your consultation we will go over your desired goals, hair history, color matching, and determine how much hair you will need to complete your look. Pricing of the hair and initial install will be covered as well as at home hair care maintenance, and your move - up timeline.

At the end of your consultation, a required deposit will be placed in order to secure your extension installation.

Once this fee is paid, we will book you for your instillation. 

Lets book my dream hair!

Invisible Bead Extension FAQ's

Will I need my hair color done prior to my extension installation? 

Depending on your hair goals, a color service will need to be considered at the time of booking for your instillation service. You want your hair extensions to look as natural and seamless as possible, and in order to make that happen, a color services is often times a necessity. 

How often do I need to be In the salon for my move - ups?

After your first install, your first move up will be scheduled for 7 weeks out. After 7 weeks, we can determine if you can go longer for your move - ups. An average move up is anywhere between 8-10 weeks.

How do I care for my extension at home?

To ensure the integrity and longevity of your investment, your at home care routine is going to be highly important. Below is an understanding of what the maintenance for your hair extensions at home will look like.


- Brushing 3-4x daily to reduce matting and tangling

- Wash + Cleanse your scalp and extensions 1-2x per week max. Using salon grade shampoo and conditioner only. 

- Blow drying the base of your wefts. Never let your hair air dry completely, or go to bed with wet hair. Leaving your extension wet/damp can result in damaging the base of the wefts, making them impossible to re-use again. 

- Braid before bed to reduce matting and tangling. 

- Utilize a silk pillow case or hair bonnet while sleeping.

-Always use professional product on your extensions. This step is very important in your care routine. Extensions require ultra hydrating products in order to maintain extension softness, shine and integrity.

Ensuring the investment you are placing.

Do I really need salon grade products? 

Yes, to ensure the integrity + longevity of your investment, you will need to invest in the proper hair care needed to take care of your hair. During your consultation, we will cover all of the products you will need to take home as well as specific instructions on how to implement your products.

Lets book my dream hair!

Extension FAQs
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